Youth Ministry

Our youth (middle and high school age) are involved in virtually all aspects of church life at Home Moravian. From decorating the Sanctuary during Advent, to playing in the band during the Easter Sunrise service, to serving as elected representatives on the church governing boards, youth enrich and are enriched by involvement in our community of faith. Our youth have many opportunities for Christian education and faith exploration, music, fellowship and service.

Sunday School 

Classes for middle and high school youth are held each Sunday morning throughout the school year, on the third floor of the Christian Education Building. A confirmation class is also offered, to prepare our 8th and 9th graders for full church membership. See the current Sunday School schedule.


Home Church youth have a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their musical gifts. We offer band lessons for those of any age interested in learning to play a musical instrument. Each year a Youth Sunday worship service, which includes special music, is designed and led by the youth. Christmas Lovefeast services and the Easter Sunrise Service also provide opportunities for youth singers and musicians. Individual youth also provide worship leadership as instrumental soloists, and participate alongside adults in handbells or musicals such as the recent production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. They sometimes assist the organist.


Fellowship for middle and high school youth is held most Sundays during the school year at noon, immediately following the Sunday school hour. Lunch is provided, followed by projects, games, outreach activities and field trips. See the calendar for specifics.

Youth plan annual mission trips and conduct fundraising activities to help support the trips. Youth involved in the fellowship also plan and conduct a full Sunday morning worship service once a year, usually in the spring.

Church Service

Two youth representatives serve for one-year terms on both the Board of Elders and the Board of Trustees. And youth may be asked to serve as readers during Holy Week services, as ushers for worship services, and as dieners (servers) for lovefeasts.

Trust Fall

The Confirmation Class went to Laurel Ridge for a short retreat in September. This is the 'trust fall' at the GIC course. Everyone had a role, from the faller to the catchers, to make sure that everyone was safe. What a thrill!

Scripture in Dance

Youth of Home Moravian performed an interpretation of John 20:19-31 in dance, words and music, on Youth Sunday.