Candle Tea

Annual event by Women's Fellowship raises funds for many outreach activities

Candle Tea is considered by many area residents and visitors the opening event of the Advent and Christmas seasons. The Women’s Fellowship of Home Moravian Church organizes and hosts Candle Tea to share with our guests the Moravian traditions and customs of the season.

These include singing carols accompanied by the 1798 Tannenberg organ, enjoying rich lovefeast coffee and Moravian sugarcake, watching as beeswax candles are made by hand, and viewing the Candle Tea putz. The putz, a traditional Christmas decoration for both early and modern Moravians, is displayed in two parts. The first part is a replica in miniature of the town of Salem more than a century ago. The second part presents the Nativity scene as the Christmas story is read from Scripture.

Candle Tea is held in the Single Brothers House on Salem Square in historic Old Salem. Costumed volunteers welcome you and guide you through the Candle Tea. Guests enter the Candle Tea in groups of up to 35 people. No reservations are necessary for public tours. Payment is made at the door. Please note we accept only cash or checks; we are unable to process credit or debit cards.

Admission: Adults $5, Children 12 and under $1. All proceeds, after expenses, are distributed to non-profit local and international agencies.

Length of tour: 45 minutes to an hour.  Length of wait in line:  Can be 30 minutes to more than an hour.  Groups of no more than 35 people are admitted approximately every 15 minutes. An abbreviated Tea is offered on weekdays mornings to school groups and on Saturday mornings to Scout groups, by reservation. See below.

Best time to come: Thursday afternoons.

Old Salem Museums & Gardens ticket does not apply.

Tickets can be purchased in advance but folks will still need to stand in line for entrance to the Tea. Contact Suzanne Miller, 336-768-9371, or Harriet Wood, 704-640-7002, to purchase and for more information.

Parking: Church parking lots, lot at end of Salt Street, grassy lots off Academy Street across by-pass.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Candle Tea information line:  336-749-9463

School and Scout groups may register in advance for a special abbreviated version of the Tea held during morning hours. (Reservations are necessary.) Follow the navigation links for more information about School and Scout groups.