Candle Tea

Alternative Tea in 2020 featured a drive-by, a new video, downloadable activities

Candle Tea is considered by many area residents and visitors the opening event of the Advent and Christmas seasons. The Women’s Fellowship of Home Moravian Church organizes and hosts Candle Tea to share with our guests the Moravian traditions and customs of the season. All net proceeds are donated to charitable organizations, locally and globally.

Candle Tea Video

To learn more about what Candle Tea is, and what it means to so many people, please see a professionally produced 28-minute video/documentary. It’s available here and on YouTube.

Also, scroll down this page to see a short video with an overview of the traditional Candle Tea.

Candle Tea Drive-By

Like so many things in 2020, Candle Tea was different from past years, when we welcomed guests into the Single Brothers’ House for a tour of the sights, sounds, smells and traditions of Advent and Christmas in early Salem.

Candle Tea in 2020 featured an outdoor “Drive-by” around Salem Square. Guests viewed and heard tableau-type scenes, including candle making, hymn signing, a representation of the Salem putz, a Moravian band, historic kitchen items, Christmas wreaths, Advent wreaths, a Christmas tree, Moravian stars, and a nativity scene.

Candle Tea-candle.jpg  Candle Tea-square.jpg 

The audio tour of the Drive-by is still available for you to enjoy:

Play the audio tour.

There was no charge for this event. However, our guests generously gave donations so that Candle Tea can continue to support at least some of the charitable organizations that we normally support.

Special Candle Tea Activities 

I Spy Candle TeaA game for children of all ages. Come to Old Salem and find the historic Moravian buildings and features around the Square. After the pandemic is over, attend Candle Tea and experience the sights, sounds and scents of a traditional Moravian Christmas.

Candle Tea Crossword: Test your knowledge of Candle Tea by trying to complete this simple crossword puzzle. Here are the solutions, but try not to peek!


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Candle Tea proceeds benefit those in need locally and globally.

Please consider making a donation now to Candle Tea by clicking here or on the Candle Tea logo.

This video, which captures the spirit of Candle Tea, is narrated by Home Church Pastor Ginny Tobiassen and was produced by Home Church member Britton Sear.