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Sunday Worship begins at 10 a.m. Streaming begins 15 minutes prior to the service. You can scroll through the Order of Service, with liturgy and hymns, below the player window.

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Learning opportunities are available following worship this morning 

CHILDREN: Elementary Sunday School, 11:15am-noon, Peter and John Heal, art with Miss Harriet (use supplies you received by mail plus something to color with); please contact Margaret Norris ( for zoom link and other information 

YOUTH: Gathering begins at 2:00 pm; Please contact Margaret Norris ( for zoom link and other information 

ADULTS: To join by video, click here. To join by phone, call 1 (929) 205-6099 (Meeting ID: 7460335693; Password: 34568983).  The following classes are meeting today:

  • Bible Discussion:  Colossians 2
  • Faith Journeys: Finding God in the Space Between Us
  • Scripture Encore: The Power of God's Love:  Death, the Last Enemy



We extend the sympathy of the congregation to Teresa Haynes, whose mother, Ruby Matherly, died Monday, May 25, in Martinsville VA.

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Special Announcement:

We are making improvements to our live stream that should reduce problems with freezing and buffering – and give you a clearer picture on most devices. If you continue to have problems, please email us and tell us what you're experiencing. We appreciate your feedback!

Also, we are broadcasting back-up streams on YouTube and Facebook.

You have three options:

Watch on this page, if there are no issues. This has the advantage of the scrolling Order of Service below the video screen.

Watch on our YouTube channel. Download the order of worship. The service will be archived on YouTube for later viewing. You do not need to be signed in to YouTube to watch.

Watch on our Facebook page: The service should automatically appear on the page 15 minutes beforehand. Download the order of worship. You do not need to be signed in to Facebook to watch. The service will be archived on Facebook for later viewing.

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