Candle Tea 2020

Special plans in the works for this year's Candle Tea. Stay tuned...

Candle Tea is considered by many area residents and visitors the opening event of the Advent and Christmas seasons. The Women’s Fellowship of Home Moravian Church organizes and hosts Candle Tea to share with our guests the Moravian traditions and customs of the season.

Due to Covid-19, Candle Tea 2020 may not be like other recent years. Plans are being made to offer a Candle Tea that will help keep people safe while sharing as many Moravian Christmas traditions as possible. Please check this website for updates on our plans.

Traditional Candle Tea includes singing carols accompanied by the 1798 Tannenberg organ, enjoying rich lovefeast coffee and Moravian sugarcake, watching as beeswax candles are made by hand, and viewing the Candle Tea putzThe putz, a traditional Christmas decoration for both early and modern Moravians, is displayed in two parts. The first part is a replica in miniature of the town of Salem more than a century ago. The second part presents the Nativity scene as the Christmas story is read from Scripture.

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Candle Tea is held in the Single Brothers House on Salem Square in historic Old Salem early in December.

Proceeds benefit those in need locally and globally.

Please consider making a donation to Candle Tea by clicking here or on the Candle Tea logo.

Proceeds benefit those in need locally and globally. 

This video, which captures the spirit of Candle Tea, is narrated by Home Church Pastor Ginny Tobiassen and was produced by Home Church member Britton Sear.