Love. Live. Serve.

Ray Gatland on Unity Brass Festival

During worship services, members often share "Love. Live. Serve" moments – information and stories about their involvement in a variety of activities that reflect the Stewardship mission of Home Moravian. Almost all of our members give of their time and talents in some form of service at the church or in outreach activities.

Ray Gatland: Unity Brass Festival

Jen Oas and Margaret Norris: Sow the Seeds

Hal Garner: Family-to-Family (Albania) Project

Eve Salzwedel: Moravian Music

Graham Rights: Serving Our Neighbors

Carl and Valerie von Isenburg: Associate Membership

David Shaffner: Consider Your Own Call

David and Kate Bell: Consider Your Own Call

Kim Thornton: Consider Your Own Call

Dana Myers: CROP Walk 2017

Gail Morris: The Moravian Archives

Appreciation for youth leaders, an appeal, and a moving story from Margaret Norris

Scott Rhodes on Ministry Architects

Margaret Norris on Vacation Bible School

Erik Salzwedel on MMF-2017

Ginny Tobiassen on Laurel Ridge

Sally McLeod with "A Congregational Talent Show"

Camille McDowell on Easter volunteers

Phil McKinley on supporting the Unity Women's Desk

Mark Wright on our broadcast ministry

David Holston on Sunnyside Ministry

John Mickey on the Narrative Budget

Dave and Betsy Bombick on Overflow Shelters