Fulfilling Christ's call to love God, live in community, and serve our neighbor

Vision Implementation Update

Answering God’s Call to Deepen Relationships, a video report from Tim Byerly and Catherine Greene

A church engaged, a community healed, and a world transformed.

How does the Vision Implementation Team (VIT) assist the congregation in carrying out such a vision? The team has been meeting regularly since the end of February to discuss the recommendations and ideas from the Vision Booklet.

We plan to communicate monthly in Home to Home and will be sharing in worship, as in the video below from Aug. 16. So far, the Team has focused in three areas: exploring ways to encourage more personal connections, supporting opportunities for deeper spiritual growth, and laying the foundation for the practice of action-reflection, the self-evaluation of Home Church ministries.

Spiritual growth/personal connections: group opportunities this summer including 2 Living Faith groups, a Christian spiritual practices group, and a group exploring social justice.

Action-Reflection: Action reflection is a spiritual practice that encourages self-reflection, and supports evaluation of participation in ministry as an individual or as a group. This month, leaders of the congregation’s boards and core committees are participating in the action-reflection process. This fall these leaders will facilitate action-reflection conversations within their committees.

All of us, as part of the Home Church community, are encouraged to identify through personal reflection where God may be leading us. What do you do with your discernment of where God is calling you? Pastor Andrew will be leading an online “mini-retreat” this fall on personal action-reflection and discernment to help us better listen for God’s voice---more information to come.

Connections: The Communications team is exploring ways for our congregation to connect with new ideas for ministries, interests, small groups, worship opportunities, etc. For now, if you have the inkling of an idea for ministry or connections, contact a member of the VIT and we will do our best to facilitate connections.

How are we all, as a church community during a pandemic, engaging with each other? What can we each be doing to work towards healing in our community and transformation in our world?

Team members:

  • Betsy Bombick bbombick@gmail.com (336) 816-4609
  • Tim Byerly: tbyerly1971@gmail.com (336) 326-5086
  • Debbie Drake: debbtide75@gmail.com (336) 414-1910
  • Catherine Greene: cstgreene@gmail.com (336) 462-7355
  • Jen Oas: oasj@rjrt.com (336) 407-5994
  • Scott Rhodes: scott.rhodes@mac.com (336) 934-3744
  • Andrew Heil, Associate Pastor: aheil@homemoravian.org (336) 722-6171

Download the Vision Booklet.