Fulfilling Christ's call to love God, live in community, and serve our neighbor

September All-Church Retreat

With Konnoak Hills and Macadonia congregations, programming for all ages

Andrew-staff_pic.jpgCan We Talk? Lessons in the Letter of James is our theme for an all-church retreat, scheduled for Sept. 20-22 at Laurel Ridge. The retreat program, led by Rev. Andrew Heil, will highlight three unique practices that are useful for building and sustaining Christian communities.

Large group gatherings will begin on Saturday morning with programming for all ages. Free time will be provided on Friday evening and throughout the weekend. Enjoy rocking chairs overlooking the Yadkin Valley, mountaintop campfires, 700 acres of fields and forests, late night table games, a fishing tournament, a mountain stream, children’s activities, and more.

The Shaffner Fund will sponsor two-thirds of the rooming and board fees for families with children 17 & under. Other scholarships are also available. 

Space is limited in the Salem Wing of Higgins Lodge. Summer camp cabins are also available.

To register for overnight stay and meals, contact Laurel Ridge: 888-831-5922.

For scholarship information, call the church office: 336-722-6171.

Rates for Lodging and Meals

2 Nights: Friday Supper to Sunday Lunch

Salem Wing*:

Room $200.00 

6 Meals: Each Adult $60.00

Child $30.00 (5-12 years old)

Under 5 – no charge

Summer Camp Cabin:

6 Meals and Bed

Each Adult: $90 for meals and a bunk

Each Child: $45 (5-12 years old)


1 Night: Saturday Lunch to Sunday Lunch

Salem Wing*:

Room $100.00

4 Meals: Each Adult $40.00

Child $20.00 (Under 5 – no charge)

Summer Camp Cabin:

4 Meals and Bed

Each Adult: $55.00 for meals and a bunk

Each Child: $25.00 (5-12 years old)

*The Salem Wing includes air conditioning and private baths.