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Join a ministry or start a new one!

Visioning Team created a small-group resource

Many times we get involved because we are asked to provide volunteer support. But how often do you independently ponder where you are called to serve?

Our new vision process gives you the opportunity to search for the missions that you feel call you. What are those callings? Those whispers you hear during worship, reflection, or prayer.

When you find those callings, seek information as to whether this is a new ministry or one that already exists as an organization. It may exist as a ministry in another church, another denomination, another charitable organization. Your added volunteer support to that existing agency and recruitment of others will make a difference.

Sometimes there’s not an organization in place and you are called to create a new mission. If so, the small group ministries manual that was incorporated into the church visioning process will help guide you. The small group ministries manual (see p. 8) will assist in creating a plan and crystalizing your groups’ goals.

Where are you being called to serve?

—Kirk Sanders, "Home Is..." Congregational Visioning Team member