Fulfilling Christ's call to love God, live in community, and serve our neighbor

Mapping our assets

An amazing experience

On Sunday Feb. 10, Home Church members participated in an asset mapping workshop as part of our “Home Is” congregational visioning process. It was a creative and spirit-filled exercise!

Chris Gambill, our consultant from the Center for Congregational Health, began by educating us on what constitutes an asset; he shared five categories:

  • Physical: what you can see and touch
  • Institutional: organizations with budgets and staff
  • Economic: those that have spending power, the capacity to produce goods or services for money
  • Individual: talents, skills, experiences
  • Associational: formal and informal networks of people

Members then wrote as many assets as they could think of on individual pieces of paper and taped them on the walls around the Fellowship Hall.

Next we worked in groups of 3 to explore all the assets posted; then, each team, using its collective imagination, created a new action step that involved the use of one or more of the identified assets. The team pulled the assets from the wall and clustered them beneath a sheet on which they wrote down their proposed action step; those new creations were then posted together on the wall.

When everyone was done, Chris read the new actions and members were invited to share more about the action they created. Participants then “voted with their feet” by adding their name to the new action they would like to see Home Church explore.

All of the assets and actions are on the walls in the Fellowship Hall, so we invite you to take a little time to check them out over the next few weeks and to even create another new action! Home Is a place of many gifts …. gifts that we can use as we grow in our life with God and to serve the world into which we are sent on behalf of Jesus Christ.

May God continue to bless and guide us as we vision together.

—Laura Watson