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Elders Report

The Home Church Board of Elders met October 7, 2019. 

The September attendance figures showed that when those attending congregational retreats were added in, attendance was either up from, or steady with, Sundays in September 2018. Livestream figures were up for every Sunday in September. During the month of September we received three new members.

The Board discussed recent congregational conversations concerning preparing for Church Council. Meetings on September 17 and 24 were well attended and produced good conversation. The Board talked about the importance of caring for all members of the congregation.

Vice Chair Robyn Goslen and Elder Drew Hancock attended and reported on a recent meeting of the Concerned Moravians of Home Church, which both attended. They discussed various motions that may be brought to Church Council. Rev. Tobiassen reported on attending a meeting of the provincial Concerned Moravians at Rural Hall Moravian Church.

The Elders discussed preparations for the upcoming Church Council. All were agreed on the importance of loving, thoughtful discussion in that Council, and the Board discussed ways to help preserve a healthy atmosphere. 

The Board approved a Continuing Education request for Rev. Heil, who will take a one-week course through the Center for Congregational Health. 

Fundraisers for Home Missions and World Missions were approved.

The Board discussed a request from an art class to use space in the CE building once a week.

Sister Gail Morris reminded the board of the upcoming Art for Albania show, a fundraiser to provide for the work of the Moravian Church in Albania.

After a time of intercessory prayer, the meeting adjourned. The Elders meet again on November 4.

–Ginny Tobiassen

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