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Congregational Visioning kickoff rescheduled for Oct. 14

Sunday Oct. 14: What Brought Us Together?
(Originally scheduled for Sept. 16)
Join us immediately following worship for lunch and conversation as we share the stories of some of our most meaningful moments.

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Sunday Nov. 11: Community Forum
A panel of local leaders will highlight current needs within our community and the ways that people of faith can partner to make a positive difference. The discussion begins at 4 p.m., and dinner will be provided.

Contact the church office for more information or any member of the Home is… leadership team. You’re also invited to explore the resources below.

Members of the leadership team shared why they said yes to being part of the congregational visioning process:

Betsy BombickI said “yes” because I love our congregation and feel called to help us envision and embody God's future for us in any way I can.

Peggy Dodson: I said yes because responding to God's call to learn, serve and witness as individuals and as a community is vital for our spiritual health. Visioning earnestly as a congregation empowers each of us to live God's plan as his children and his church.

Karla Fisher: My Home Church connections through Women's Fellowship, the nursery and Sunday worship have enriched my life in many significant ways. I said yes because I believe in and want to be a valuable contributor and member of Home Church's future.

Gil FrankI said yes because it’s important for Home Church to look at the present and plan for the future, and I wanted to help.

Carmine Mann: I feel honored to serve Home Church as a member of the visioning team. I am excited about the opportunity for us to grow closer as a congregation, to renew and align our sense of purpose, and to emerge from the process with a love that shines brightly upon our community. 

Dana Myers:I said yes because at a time when it felt like the table wasn't big enough, Home Church pulled up more chairs. This congregation invited me to a table where all can embrace tradition while looking courageously toward the future. Being at that table made me thankful to be a new Moravian in the 21st century. 

David Piner:Home is...the phrase invited me to consider all the ways that our church has been home to me for 66 years. Participating with others in formation of a vision for Home Church stuck me as an opportunity to help build our future on the strong foundation of our history. Home is a beloved place of comfort, connection, tradition, and growth. This belief will inform my participation in Home Is.

Kirk Sanders:I said yes because this is a great opportunity to create a plan for the future of our church.

Steve Strawsburg: Home Church is at a crossroad. We can either reimagine our place and purpose in this modern world or join the path of so many other mainstream churches in decline. I choose for discernment, engagement, vision, and action to reignite our congregation for carrying forth our Savior’s work in the world.

Laura Watson:I said yes because I am excited about our church's future and how we are being called to be a part of the future of God's imagining.

You are invited to explore the following resources as we continue in prayer together: 

Video Presentations

Where Are We Now? A Presentation on the Southern Province By David Guthrie

The Essentials of the Ancient Unity by Craig D. Atwood

An Historical Perspective of Moravian Congregations by Craig D. Atwood

Rethinking Mission: Meeting People Where They Are by Rusty Rushing

20 and Something by David H. Kim

Guess Who's Coming: A Case for Reconciliation by Russ May

How Many Moravians Does it Take to Change a Doctrine? by Frank Crouch



Children and Youth Ministries Assessment Report for Home Moravian Church (PDF) by Ministry Architects

Ministry Architects Update: April 2018 by Scott Rhodes



Moravian Witness in Winston-Salem by Bill J. Leonard

The Leading Edge: Space Matters by James P. Wind

Traditioned Innovation: A Biblical Way of Thinking by C. Kavin Rowe

How Serving Its Community Transformed A Dwindling Church by Joey Johnson Mork

How Millenials Gather (PDF) by Stephanie Paulsell

Generation Z: Your Questions Answered by Barna Research

Church is What We Create with Each Other by Erin O. White



Tricklebee Cafe (Milwaukee, WI)

Dinner Church (Akron, Ohio)

Isaiah's Table (Syracuse, NY)

Faith Works: Wings and a Prayer (Paterson, NJ)

El Buen Pastor (Winston-Salem, NC)

Sweaty Sheep (Louisville, KY)

Bare Bulb Coffee (Warner Robins, GA)


Other Moravian Resources

The Word of God: God Speaks in Many Ways by the Moravian Interprovincial Faith & Order Commission

Gemeine: Zinzendorf’s Understanding of the Church (PDF) by Arthur Freeman

The Ground of the Unity: A Statement of the Worldwide Church by the Unitas Fratrum

Guidelines for Biblical Interpretation by the Moravian Interprovincial Faith & Order Commission