Fulfilling Christ's call to love God, live in community, and serve our neighbor

Learning – and doing something – about racism

A 'sound out' from the Team's Betsy Bombick

A church engaged…
A community healed…
A world transformed…

As the Congregational Visioning Team met beginning August 2018, we listened prayerfully to our congregation, to community leaders, and for the call of God. We heard lots of great ideas (see pages 7 -10 of the Vision booklet). And in addition to the Vision Statement, we developed six primary recommendations, including this one: We recommend that Home Church unleash its potential by empowering individuals and small group ministries to develop and implement bold, innovative ministry initiatives. Indeed, I hope we will develop ways that will make it easier to sound out a call to each other. 

We are each called by God in many ways: to prayer, to listening, to service, to sharing the Good News. Maybe God’s call to us as individuals and as a community is a big step—or maybe just a “small calling”. Is my idea, my yearning, truly a call from God? I believe a call is often best tested out in community with each other. 

About two years ago, I started feeling pulled strongly to learn about the impact of racism in our country. I began reading, watching movies, listening to podcasts. Dave and I participated in two community book studies and attended training by the Racial Equity Institute (highly recommended—with upcoming training in Winston-Salem in March, March, May and July!). I also became more aware of the deeply entrenched poverty in Winston-Salem.

I want to do more than just read. One of my hopes is that Home Church will become further galvanized to action—to address the significant challenges and legacy of long-time racism in our nation and community, and to pitch in to alleviate root causes of poverty. I often think of Matthew 25. How do we do this?

Here’s my personal sound out to our congregation: who else is interested in learning—and doing something—about racism?

Who else wants to better understand and address poverty in our community? Who else wants to build stronger relationships with people who may not look or live similar to how I look, and how I live? Is this a singular call, or one for our larger church community? I really look forward to changes at Home that will make it easier for individuals and groups to issue a call, and see who may answer back. How will we be engaged? How will we participate in healing and God’s transformation?

  • Where might God be calling you to serve, to act?
  • What is your calling---or your call to others?
  • How is the Home Church community part of this?

—Betsy Bombick, "Home Is…" Congregational Visioning Team

An upcoming opportunity to engage:

Neighbors For Better Neighborhoods
Racial Equity Institute
Phase One Workshop
March 11-12, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This two-day learning experience is designed to help leaders and organizations proactively understand and address the legacies of racism in their communities. The workshop is intended for anyone interested in understanding and eliminating racial inequities and disparities within our society. Other dates are also available.

The cost is $275 to attend. All participants from Home Moravian Church will be reimbursed for half the registration fee. Contact the church office by Monday Feb. 3 to sign-up as a group and receive an additional $50 off your registration. More info at nbncommunity.org/events.