Fulfilling Christ's call to love God, live in community, and serve our neighbor

Vision Meditations

Shared weekly by the Home Is... visioning team members

— February 16, 2020

Vitalizing Worship

Steve Strawsburg on searching for new practices that support our Vision

— February 6, 2020

What ministries are you drawn towards?

Join a ministry, or create a new one, suggests Kirk Sanders

— January 30, 2020

A New Approach to Implementing Vision

Peggy Dodson sees an opportunity for service and spiritual renewal

— January 26, 2020

How Did Jesus Do It?

Laura Watson applies Jesus' example to our new vision

— January 22, 2020

Learning – and doing something – about racism

A 'sound out' from the Team's Betsy Bombick

— January 8, 2020

The New Vision for Home Church: Let's Get Going!

David Piner's thoughts on engaging, healing, transforming