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Calling All Home Church Artists

Show & Sale to raise funds for Albania

The Moravian Church in Albania seeks to follow Christ in a land marred by despotism, poverty, and culturally sanctioned abuse of women. The Albania Task Force is planning an Art Show Fundraiser in the fall of 2019 to help support our Sisters and Brothers who are laboring to bring comfort to thousands suffering from hunger and abuse.

This fundraiser will include art of any kind fashioned from any medium. Painting, sculpture, drawing, pastel, mixed media, wood work, fabric and fiber, metalwork, jewelry, and quality craftwork will be welcomed. All work displayed and sold at the event will meet the quality standards established by the Planning Committee.

Any member of Home Church who practices any art form is encouraged to contact David Piner at 336-408-6981 or via email at wdavidpiner@gmail.com to discuss participation in the Show. The Committee will compile a list of all artists who desire to participate and are willing to donate a minimum of one piece of art in support of the Albanian Moravian Church. 

The Show and Sale will permit artists to display and sell their work and retain all, or a percentage, of their total sales beyond the one donated piece. The Planning Committee envisions a fun event that will be beneficial not only to the Church in Albania but also to the artists who choose to participate. Space may be limited, so interested artists are urged to contact David as soon as possible. 

The cause remains great, the need remains urgent, and YOU, whether artist or lover of art, hold the key to the success of this effort. You have the opportunity to nurture a fledgling Moravian Church in Albania; a church fighting against great odds to be Christ in a remote and suffering corner of the world.