Earth Stewards Blog

A variety of information and inspiration on how we as Christians can be better stewards of God's gift to us, our planet

The Earth Stewards Team of Home Moravian contributes a monthly column in Home to Home and this website blog on a variety of issues relating to how we can take more responsibility for treasuring and caring for the earthly home that God has given us. More about our service to the environment.

Forsyth Creek Week

March 2019: Creek Week offers fun, free and educational opportunities

Resources for better food-choice stewardship

May 2018 Earth Stewards Blog

Are Science and Religion Compatible?

April 2018 Earth Stewards Blog

EST plans special WNF meal, program

March 2018 – In April, a special WNF meal/program

Freedom from Want

November 2017 Earth Stewards Blog

Local farms fill many needs

October 2017 Earth Stewards blog


September 2017 Earth Stewards Blog

Summertime and the Eating is Easy

August 2017 Earth Stewards Blog

Individual Choice

June 2017 Earth Stewards Blog

Government Food Policy

May 2017 Earth Stewards Blog

Eating as an Act of Stewardship

April 2017: Earth Stewards Blog

What is a 'flexitarian,' and why would I want to be one?

March 2017: stewardship of our own health

Compromising to Eat What's Good for Our Planet

February 2017: Balancing environmental/animal concerns and diet

Genetically Engineered Foods and Earth Stewardship

January 2017: Motive may be the key to what is right

Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

December 2016: One month left to take advantage

Time to tend the garden

November 2016: Earth Stewards offer help for researching the candidates' environmental policies

Humboldt, Marsh, Muir….[Insert your name here]

October 2016: Leaders in the concept of God's Creation as an integrated whole to be nurtured and protected

God's Possessions, Entrusted to Us

August 2016: Discovering new species – and how we impact the environment

Bang for Your Buck

April 2016: Earth Stewards blog says healthier diets would mean a healthier planet

Earth Stewards' blog

March 2016: Is churches' Earth Stewardship Just a "Me-Too" Thing?

A Personal Experience with Solar Technology

February 2016: In this Earth Stewards blog, Bob and Sarah Hunter write about installing solar panels on their home

Trees, Our Distant Cousins

January 2016: The Earth Stewards Team presents a photo essay by Tom Haupert

A sustainable Moravian Christmas

December 2015: Environmental Stewards Team says celebrating can be environmentally responsible

Earth Stewards update

November 2015: Stewardship of the Earth – The Home Moravian Church Earth Stewards Team

Pope Francis on the Environment: Part III

October 2015: Don Frey's third installment on Pope Francis's special encyclical

Pope Francis on the Environment: Part II

September 2015: Don Frey continues his analysis of the Pope's recent encyclical on the environment.

Pope Francis on the Environment: First of a Series

August 2015. Pope Francis released an encyclical on the environment.

Investing What God Provides

May, 2015. Socially responsible investment considers environmental, social, and corporate governance outcomes that result from investments.

The Golden Rule and Coal Ash

April 2015. Third in a series of three on the 2014 Duke Coal Ash Spill in North Carolina and Virginia.

Earth Stewards Coal Ash Update

February 2015, one year since tons of toxic coal ash sludge leaked into the Dan River near Eden, here are some of the primary events in the year following the spill

Earth Stewards begin Water series

December, 2014, the first entry in a series on sustaining our most important natural resource

Comenius: When Humanity Becomes Nature’s Adversary; and the Cure

September 2014 Earth Steward's blog finds modern-day relevance in Comenius's "Labyrinth of the World"

Can We Talk ... And Dream Big?

October 2014 Earth Stewards Blog highlights a city that's made a commitment

Protect our Water: Reduce Polluted Runoff

June 2014 Earth Stewards blog says you can make a difference in our water quality

Why Should I Care?

May 2014 EST blog: Climate change and policy decisions affect God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Power of the Dollar

April 2014: Your spending can be a force for protection of food sources, says the Earth Stewards' blog.

Goodness Grows in North Carolina

March 2014: Earth Stewards blog: healthful locally grown foods

Earth Stewardship for All – Christians and Others

February 2014: Anyone, Christian or not, has good reason to respect the earth...

A Privilege and a Responsibility

December, 2013: Taking care of the amazing gift of our planet

Making Our Time Matter More

October, 2013: We can spend our time making a difference in the world.

Kid Power!

November 2013: Harnessing our biggest resource.

Styrofoam – Just Say No

June, 2013: The good news about styrofoam is that there isn’t a gray area: Don’t use it.

Lower Cooling Costs, Fuel Use

May, 2013: Warm weather presents opportunities to save energy.

Waste Not (Food), Want Not

February, 2013: Proper nurturing will result in less waste and more money in your household budget for other things.

Let's Cherish the Gift of Water

January, 2013: Do we have a responsibility as Christians to use water wisely? Yes!

A Tragedy: Waste for No Reason

December, 2012: We are gobbling up our natural resources to produce and deliver junk mail. Are you ready to do something about it?

Know Your Carbon Footprint

November, 2012: Knowing your carbon footprint is a good place to start making a difference.