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Prominent leaders to share community needs

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Join us Sunday Nov. 11 at 4 p.m. as a panel of local leaders highlight current needs within our community and share ways that people of faith can partner to make a positive difference.  Dinner and childcare will be provided.  Panelists include:

  • Allen Joines, Mayor of Winston-Salem
  • Cindy Gordineer, President and CEO, United Way of Forsyth County
  • Scott Weirman, President, Winston-Salem Foundation
  • Christopher Lowder, Acting Assistant Chief of the Winston-Salem Police Department
  • Dr. Robert Jones, Director, Downtown Health Plaza of Wake Forest Baptist Health
  • Dr. Beverly Emory, Superintendent of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

Please contact us if you need transportation or would like more information:
Church Office (336) 722-6171
Betsy Bombick, co-chair – bbombick@gmail.com
Kirk Sanders, co-chair – wksanders@gmail.com

Home Moravian Church recently began Home Is..., a congregational visioning process in partnership with the Center for Congregational Health, a ministry of Wake Forest Baptist Health’s FaithHealth Division. Through a series of congregational discussions, we have been exploring the history, present, and future of our congregation. 

There will be many opportunities for each of us to engage and to participate in this process as we seek to listen prayerfully together, strengthen relationships with one another, and build community across generations.

Upon completion of this process, members of the leadership team will submit a final report to the congregation that will address the following areas:

  1. Clarification of our unique mission, values and vision for outreach and ministry
  2. Areas of focus to build upon our current strengths and assets
  3. Discussion of future mission and ministry opportunities
  4. Ministry goals and action plans to guide the congregation in fulfilling its calling during the next 3-5 years

Home is… How would you finish this sentence? We hope you’ll tell us in the coming months as we look forward together and in faith that Christ will show us what it means to follow him.

You are invited to explore the following resources as we continue in prayer together: 

Video Presentations

Where Are We Now? A Presentation on the Southern Province By David Guthrie

The Essentials of the Ancient Unity by Craig D. Atwood

An Historical Perspective of Moravian Congregations by Craig D. Atwood

Rethinking Mission: Meeting People Where They Are by Rusty Rushing

20 and Something by David H. Kim

Guess Who's Coming: A Case for Reconciliation by Russ May

How Many Moravians Does it Take to Change a Doctrine? by Frank Crouch



Children and Youth Ministries Assessment Report for Home Moravian Church (PDF) by Ministry Architects

Ministry Architects Update: April 2018 by Scott Rhodes



Moravian Witness in Winston-Salem by Bill J. Leonard

The Leading Edge: Space Matters by James P. Wind

Traditioned Innovation: A Biblical Way of Thinking by C. Kavin Rowe

How Serving Its Community Transformed A Dwindling Church by Joey Johnson Mork

How Millenials Gather (PDF) by Stephanie Paulsell

Generation Z: Your Questions Answered by Barna Research

Church is What We Create with Each Other by Erin O. White



Tricklebee Cafe (Milwaukee, WI)

Dinner Church (Akron, Ohio)

Isaiah's Table (Syracuse, NY)

Faith Works: Wings and a Prayer (Paterson, NJ)

El Buen Pastor (Winston-Salem, NC)

Sweaty Sheep (Louisville, KY)

Bare Bulb Coffee (Warner Robins, GA)


Other Moravian Resources

The Word of God: God Speaks in Many Ways by the Moravian Interprovincial Faith & Order Commission

Gemeine: Zinzendorf’s Understanding of the Church (PDF) by Arthur Freeman

The Ground of the Unity: A Statement of the Worldwide Church by the Unitas Fratrum

Guidelines for Biblical Interpretation by the Moravian Interprovincial Faith & Order Commission