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Sunday Power Hour, Cambria's meditation on our "messy" lives

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Join us after service for our Youth Power Hour! We’ll be discussing 8 questions about God that you might be scared to ask like, “Does the Bible contradict itself,” and “Does God discriminate against women?” If that sounds interesting to you, head up to the third floor after worship for food, fellowship, and conversation! Power Hour is every Sunday from 11:15 to 12! 

Scripture Meditation

“Who can say, ‘I have made my heart clean; I am pure from my sin?’” —Proverbs 20:9

Can you say that? I can’t. We’re all imperfect. We’re all going to mess up. We live in a world where all we see are perfect people on TV or social media or even just in Target.

The people we watch seem like they don’t struggle with the things we do. The Instagram influencer mom seems like she never gets overwhelmed with all the things she has to do. The fashion Tiktoker never has a day where they don’t feel motivated to put on anything other than sweats. The kid in your class never gets confused or asks questions. In our minds, they have it all together. Their lives are easy breezy and that can make us feel a little crazy because sometimes our lives feel messy.

Friends, let me remind you that we are all a little messy. Real life is difficult and complicated.

There’s a recent Tik Tok trend where people say something along the lines of “social media doesn’t show everything. I’m 30 and here’s 5 things I’m ashamed of.”

People share that they don’t have a lot of friends or feel lost in their school or career.

It’s a breath of fresh air for me, so I hope I can remind you that you’re not alone in your messiness. None of us are perfect. None of us can say we have a clean heart or are pure from sin.

We are in this together. We are messy and imperfect together. God loves your mess and God will give you grace for all those moments when you mess up.

Hear that again: God loves your mess.


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Below: We made Vision Boards!! We look forward to 2024 and all the things we’re visualizing for our futures! Look at how awesome everyone’s collages are. HMC Youth are a creative bunch.


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Game night at the Greene house was a wonderful time! If your family wants to host a youth event, email Cambria at

Below: The HMC youth got to hang out for a couple of hours at William and Kate’s house. We played volleyball, chess, and jenga and had some amazing burgers! Thank you to the Sanders family for hosting an amazing cookout.

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