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Adopt a College Student

How members can support students who are away

Home Church values our members of every age and stage of life. The college years are a time when we can lose touch with those members who aren’t able to be physically present with us during the majority of the year. With this in mind, the Christian Education Committee is starting an “Adopt a College Student” program that will help Home Church remain connected to our college aged members during those important years.

Who can adopt the student?
Any individual, family, committee or group that is willing to stay in touch with a student at least once per month.

What does it mean to “adopt” them?
We ask that you stay in touch with your student at least once per month for the school year (10 months). You can write a note or a card, send a small gift, or even just a text message to say “Hi!”. We suggest spending an average of $5 a month.  Our goal is to stay connected so they feel our love and support throughout the school year.

How do I get information about the student?
We will provide information about the student regarding hobbies, where they go to school, and other information that will help you think of small gifts they may enjoy or creative ways to communicate with your student. 

How do I get involved?
Email Elaine Peddycord at depeddy@triad.rr.com to let her know your interest. Remember that the adoption can be done by an individual or a group or committee. Let’s make this fun for all!

Thank you for participating in this important ministry!